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(I don't normally look this good...)

That's me looking good! Receiving some award somewhere. 

So yes! I've won a couple awards for my work as Cinematographer, but that's not really important... 

Today I live in the US but I grew up in Brazil and made my way over to Los Angeles to get my Masters Degree at UCLA. 

I've been doing this for 10 years... worked closely with some great people like Anthony Hopkins, Tyler Shields, Hosea Chanchez,  and some others. I've shot two feature films, over a dozen commercials and a few TV show pilots...


I'm married to the best wife ever and we are having our first baby so I'm changing the course of my career to start developing what I call Media that Matters. A production Hub that gathers good people doing good things. We create content that makes a difference in the world for my son.  

This website will guide you through three aspects of my work.

And a little bit about me.

First, who is Ivan?

And here is a little bit about my work

Work as cinematographer

This is where it all started. Being a Director of Photography was the best school in filmmaking. I worked side by side with great directors and producers and learned a lot by being in a unique position that is half technical and half creative. 

Work as


I realized quickly that to be a good DP I need to know Color Correction. So after looooong hours of studying, I started a career as a colorist and that changed everything. I shoot much smarter now and I can give color correction a vision that is more than a look. 




Work that

is meaningful

This was a step in my career that I have been long waiting to take. A better way to put my skills to good use.

​I'm now head of a production Hub that it's committed to making content that has a positive impact in the world. This is my passion and goal in life.

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