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Let's get a little personal.
Cinematography has been a passion of mine for over 10 years.
It has been my best friend and worst enemy and has put me on the map where I stand right now.
I could give you a list of
but honestly, that doesn't mean much.
to really get to know my work, by getting to know my character.
And now, if you want to know more, you can browse through a few projects where I will explain in more details my approach to each challenge.

What happens when you take away the most powerful tool a Cinematographer has to do this job? That's what me and my friend DP André Brandão faced when we had the challenge to shoot an entire TV show using only iPhones. 

The producers are from a big French studi...

Shot entirely in 12 shot of around 10 minutes each.

The cinematography was featured in several articles in the media like IndieWire, MovieMaker magazine, inHollywood magazine. 

Know more about the creative solutions we've found to make Singapore Sling possible..

This post...

How we managed to make the teaser of this project so compelling that recently the producers just announced they got the funds for the full feature film. Our work start again!

This post will be next!... 

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So I invite you,
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Three principles that rule my work:
I'll be nice and respectful to everyone.
I'll try everything at my reach to push the boundaries of storytelling