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How much better can your project look ?

Always a lot. 

If you aren't paying attention to Post
you are not getting the best look. 
There is no way around that these days.
The tools of color correction have become so powerful that smart producers are taking advantage of that.
You can shoot cheaper and get the same cinematic look by doing a good post!

This was a commercial for a jeans company. We brought in the summer heat, and much more than color and contrast: we added texture to the fabric, dust to the wind and a moving flare from the sun!

Dust particles added

to create depth

Moving Flare that

guides the eye

Correct texture

for the fabric

Shot on a BlackMagic 4K

Recreate the shadows on the table and talent to create a moody space

Shot on a BlackMagic 4K

Draw attention to the main talent for an important line

Darken the walls to separate and create depth

Shot on Sony A7s

create a look of ochre tones to correct the green hue and accentuate dark skins

Make the subject pop from BG using saturation changes

Shot on Sony F3


Roll-off the highlights for a filmic look

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