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Logline: The New Husband is a documentary project about the partners of empowered and independent women. The film explores how these couples are redefining family and success.

"Women are not going to be equal outside the home until men are equal in it."
- Gloria Steinem

For the past twenty years, traditional gender roles at homes have been inverting for many families. In the past decade, the phenomenon became undeniable and irreversible.

As much as we like to ignore this issue, the early signs of its impact are now clear.


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After too much silence on this issue for too long, we are just starting to pull the curtain... The real impact of this gender battle can be much worse than we now realize.

From holding back women’s professional advancement to depriving a new generation of role models, the impediments to equality inside our own homes could significantly undermine years of progress towards empowering women.


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The New Husband will lay the groundwork for an important and overdue conversation. We believe in the immense power of media to inspire rapid change and are certain that this project can blossom a movement. Hopefully, we can soon enjoy a society in which all men and women can live to their full potential.


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Our team

Ivan Rodrigues started this project in 2017, and since then it has grown to include many silent heros that are moving it forward.


Ivan Rodrigues, creator and executive producer

Ivan Rodrigues is the creator of this project and grew up in an unusual family.
His dad had a company, his mom a promising job. His dad's company went bankrupt in the same year his mom was promoted. A recipe for family disaster turned into a life lesson about gender equality in the home.


"The New Husband confronts a challenge facing professional couples today with thoughtfulness, compassion and courage."
- Jeanne Gray Carr , Managing Partner
"Its an invaluable project that will help men and women in many ways"
- Esther Young - Writer and journalist
"I can finally speak up and not feel like an alien"
- Mark Young - husband and father
"I need to show this film to my husband... When is it out?"
- Joann Siet 

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