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Ways to support

Welcome to our support page. If you are here it means you want to support our project in someway. There are many forms of very valuable support and we are always open to ideas. 

These are some common ways to get involved:

  • Use your social network to promote the topic: by posting, sharing and commenting on our social media you help us validate the relevance of this project. 

  • Donate or invest in our project: There are many opportunities to support financially our cause. At different stages of our project we'll need different investments so let's talk more about it. 

  • Share your story with us: Using our forum or our social media we are always looking for stories. It's not always easy to share but the impact you can create is huge.

  • Be part of our team: We are always looking for talented and committed partners

For all of these ways and more please contact us with the form below

Thank you very much in advance!

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