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The last wave of this conversation

Understanding the historical aspect of this topic is very important but also a huge undertaking! So I'll focus this post on sharing some of the latest developments.

The 2008 crisis response

A lot of the most influential materials we found that really address relevantly the "husband", or the partner of empowered women happened in the years of 2012 and 2013.

The richer Sex

Liza Mundy publishes a book called The Richer Sex in march 2012 which goes more unnoticed than it should at the time. There were some mixed reviews but the book was maybe the first to bring attention to an important trend of female breadwinners. (we'll analyze that book later at some point)

Why women can't have it all

In July of that same year Anne Marie Slaughter writes a bombastic article at the Atlantic called 'Why women still can't have it all". She has a very personal approach to a complex problem of balancing work and life that taps into some of the most complicated and debated thoughts amongst feminists. (we'll look at that article further too)

Lean In

Then in 2013 Sheryl Sandberg publishes the famous Lean In book where a whole chapter is devoted to how important is to have a "real partner" for women to succeed. Again that idea created a spur but the book also brought some very interesting insights that resonated widely with a growing wave of women hitting the workforce with significant educational advantages but not seeing the advantages translate into opportunities or better salaries.

2013 on

The following years would see many very relevant research and articles come out but all with little impact. No article or book made good use of all the data to show to a wide audience. We are noticing in 2018 and 2019 an increase of awareness about the topic with articles like This one from Harvard Business Review or this one from The New York Times. It's time we make a comprehensive material that sets the grounds for this important conversation to happen.

(Ps. Stay tuned to check our next post about dealing with Money in these scenarios!)

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