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Welcome to The New Husband!

I'm very excited to start this new project and I'm thrilled with the reception we have been getting so far. So thank you for being here and I hope you find useful and insightful information in this blog.

Let me start by introducing myself briefly, my name is Ivan Rodrigues, I'm a husband, a father and a cinematographer. I've been working in the film production business for over 10 years but this is my most personal and passionate project so far. I've worked with great talent, shot famous brands commercials and had over 60 million views on my music video work... then suddenly none of that really mattered. Once my son was born (and many new fathers will tell you this) my perspective in life changed dramatically. That was when The New Husband was born.

At that same time my son was being born my wife and I made a decision to move to Memphis, TN for a job opportunity for her. I was issued what's called a "wife visa" and we moved. The next few months would teach me a lot about a new reality that I was oblivious to but had permeated my life for as long as I can remember.

I will tell my story at length in some other post at some point... But enough about me, let's talk about a new reality that a lot of us are living and no one is talking about!

If you haven't seen this yet check out this infographic with some very interesting data about what we are calling The New Husband Phenomenon

Understanding the issue

On the next few posts I will share some of the research we have done to prepare for this project. We looked at several articles, books, research papers and talk to several people about it. We are putting together a comprehensive look at the topic for our documentary. For now I'll share the pieces of the puzzle as we come across them!

Stay tuned

We are creating this blog as a way to share the valuable info we get along the way but you also have access to a mediated community in our FORUM. We wanted to create a safe online space for conversation where we can share our thoughts and challenges and grow as a community. Check out some of the latest topics and post your main questions or ideas!

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