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The 2016 Election and Breadwinner wives

Wanted to share this mind boggling research video from Harvard Business Review about how gender equality is affecting men and generating defensive behaviors...

And how it affected the presidential election in 2016...

It's scary...

The link if you wanna watch it bigger:

The main take away I believe is the idea that men are more likely to see gender equality as a Zero-Sum-Game. "In other words, they see women catching up and think that they themselves must be falling behind".

That speaks a lot to the reactions of many men to women's movements of today. Why men feel attacked and scared when faced with a movement like #metoo even if they have never done any acts of sexual harassment?

The video also illustrates a very strong trend and the relation it has with political orientation. What is very interesting (and scary) is to see such a change in opinion from men when faced with the perceived threat of status loss (by simply being asked if their wives are the breadwinner men felt their status were under threat).

Making men comfortable enough to hold their self image and still feel like a men even if they aren't the main provider can turn out to be a key movement for our society.

It would allow us to move away from this reactive state where we may have just favored a men over a women in a election out of fake fear.

In the 2020 election we are seeing an unprecedented number of women candidates so it begs the question: How do we prevent men from voting reactively?

We created a Thread on our forum just to discuss this issue! If you have an opinion and want a safe space to talk join us there!

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