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Meet our colaborators

These are hand-picked hard-working professionals that all share a passion about making our world a little bit better.

Yunga Animation Studio

  • Yunga Animation Studio

A group of extremely talented artists got together and Yunga was born. Worth checking their beautiful work.

Neto DePaula


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Producer, actor, father and now has a strong career as a Creative Coach. Neto has done it all. 

Pedro Sanches


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Young and hip, Pedrón is the man when it comes to Design. He can draw anything from a sketch to a website.

A series of videos done in celebration of the 5th anniversary of the BLM movement. Directed by Lucretia Stinnette we captured several memorable moments of each chapter's history in powerful testimonials. 

Summer Camp - The new kid

This project was a huge technical challenge as well a great concept by Director Lauren Hoekstra. Lauren integrated the kids so well and sent a powerful message in a film with no dialogues and full of emotion.

The non-profit CIMI Sea Camp used the video to promote nature summer camp to kids with lower income and the it was a great success. The video on their facebook has over 30 thousand views. 

Anelo non-profit

This was a commercial we shot for a non-profit organization in a tough neighborhood in Brazil. We made every dollar count and with a budget under 3k, we pulled resources from the community to make something they would be proud to show.

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Future Projects

This documentary is being developed already investigating the dynamics of a couple where the woman has a successful career, is empowered, independent and still has to be a wife and mother.

We are searching for the men that have figured out how to grow a relationship where they are no longer "the man of the house", where their wives are the breadwinners and house and kids duties are shared differently. 

We have started a movement to empower women and give them equal opportunities in our society, now we have to prepare the men to accept it. 


Americana is an episodic show that tackles the complicated issue of racism in the interior of Brazil. A story inspired by true events that unfold between Los Angeles and the small city of Americana in Brazil, where American Confederate flags are still hanging and someone has to do something.

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Ok... It's time to get really personal. 

What really matters to me is just starting.

​I'm building here a body of work that I'll be proud to show to my son one day.

My name is Ivan Rodrigues and I'm passionate about making this world a little bit better for my son.

Here I'm supposed to tell you I've been working as a cinematographer for 10 years, got a fancy Masters Degree from UCLA, took a bunch of high-end courses in Hollywood and won this and that award... 

(Click here if you

want to know

more about my

previous work)

About Ivan

About ivan
Our work

But none of that really matters...

We also know a lot about making films so we know we need to deliver more than just good vibes. We have to be extremely professional at first, then we need to deliver good quality and on time. No exceptions. 


meet our colaborators

(sometimes it made it worse...)

Welcome to 

Media that Matters,

We are a production Hub. Created by cinematographer Ivan Rodrigues that was tired of making films that didn't make the world a better place.


"I was hired to shoot a commercial for a big brand and suddenly realized:

the cast was all white, the girls were all skinny and the products were actually faked to look better. I realized that wasn't for me anymore..."


And here we are! Ivan gathered his friends that had the same mindset. We all worked for years on things we didn't believe in. "You will see the real talent from someone when they work from their heart".


So we now create what we call content with a moral compass.


If your brand is making socially conscious marketing you ride a wave of great people pushing for good things. We are riding that wave. Join us.


Media that Matters

We make content that has a positive impact on the world

(this page is the reason for everything...)

We are inspired by

people like this guy:

Jeff Skoll talks about many things that are aligned with our vision in this TED talk. It's worth a look. 

Anita Flores


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One of the most talented artists we know. She can draw on a napkin something you would see on a museum.

Lauren Hoekstra


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Strong and determined, Lauren brings to life stories of empowered women characters with stunning attention to the visual language of film.

Raul Rodrigues


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Raul is a mind in constant upgrade and update. From all the new cultural tendencies to new trends in technology he know it all and has a great idea on how to improve it.

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