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The new husband

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About the film

In the fight for gender equality, we have taken strides toward empowering women, creating equal opportunities, equal pay, and respect in the workplace (still got some work to do there). Women's place in society has changed. 
Now, as we continue this fight, we have to educate men for this new reality.

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—  Sheryl Sandberg, Barnard commencement speech 2011

"We have made far more progress making the workforce even, than we have making the home even. And the latter is hurting the former very dramatically." 

The New Husband is our vision for a feature film documentary that will lay the groundwork for an important conversation about gender roles in the home.
The topic is vast and there are many facets to cover: our greatest challenge (and goal) will be to create a comprehensive overview of the topic by speaking to a vast audience and gathering a variety of data on the subject. 
This conversation needs a starting point.


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“a world where half of the households are run by man and half the institutions are run by women is just a better world”

“Nothing quiets a dinner party conversation more quickly than a chance mention at the fact that my wife outearns me”


“Now we know that women can do what man can do, but we don’t know that man can do what women can do”

Gloria Steinem - source

Sheryl Sandberg - source

Andrew Moravcsik - source

It's time to change that Gloria.

** Disclaimer ** - The quotes used on this website are not intended as an endorsement to the project. They are an illustration of the current voices in the media that are talking about the same issue. **

“Juggling work and family is not a women problem, it's a family problem”

—   Anne Marie Slaughter, 2015 - source

Some of our sources

Lean in: Women, work and the will to lead - book by Sheryl Sandberg

Why Women Still Can’t Have It All -Anne-Marie Slaughter , Article July/ Aug 2012

Life and Leadership after Harvard Business School - HBS Study 2015

Freedom is a constant Struggle - book by Angela Davis

Psychology of man & masculinity II, no. 4 (2010): 282 - "Stay at home Fathers"

Current Population Survey by the U.S. Dept. of Labor - Percent of wives who earn more then their husbands, 1987 - 2012

"why we have too few women leaders" - TED Talk from Sheryl Sandberg

"Can we have it all?" - TED Talk from Anne Marie Slaughter

Generational Attitudes toward work and life integration - A study by Radcliffe Public Policy Center

Paradox of declining female happiness - Paper by Betsey S. and Justin W - May 2009

"Women are not going to be equal outside the home until men are equal in it."

—  Gloria Steinem - source

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We have been accepted by a fiscal sponsor and are now legally ready to start receiving funds and getting our film made!


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