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The new husband

The old-school ones won't cut it anymore. 

Abou the film

About the film

In the fight for gender equality, we have taken strides toward empowering women, creating equal opportunities, equal pay, and respect in the workplace (still got some work to do there). Women's place in society has changed. 
Now, as we continue this fight, we have to educate men for this new reality.

Intro video
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—  Sheryl Sandberg, Barnard commencement speech 2011

"We have made far more progress making the workforce even, than we have making the home even. And the latter is hurting the former very dramatically." 

The New Husband is our vision for a feature film documentary that will lay the groundwork for an important conversation about gender roles in the home.
The topic is vast and there are many facets to cover: our greatest challenge (and goal) will be to create a comprehensive overview of the topic by speaking to a vast audience and gathering a variety of data on the subject. 
This conversation needs a starting point.


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